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In consideration of the foregoing and of the opportunity to register for and participate in the 2018 Rogue Trail Series races (The Maze, The Tangle and/or The Ranch) known hereafter in this waiver as “Event”. As a condition of such registration and participation, by registering for the Event and by clicking below, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, attorneys, successors and assigns, hereby irrevocably waive and release any and all rights, claims, demands, and causes of action I have or may have in the future against the Released Parties (as defined in the next sentence) that have arisen or may arise as a result of my registration for or participation in the Event and any pre- and post- Event activities, including but not limited to any transportation that may be provided or involved in the Event. “Released Parties” shall mean Rogue Ventures, L.P., Rogue Training Systems, LLC, Rogue Equipment, LLC, the Rogue Trail Series, Rogue Running, Event Data Solutions, Inc., City of Austin, Walnut Creek Park, Flat Creek Ranch, Reveille Peak Ranch, any sponsor of the Event, and each of their agents, employees, officers, directors, managers, successors, and assigns, both separately and collectively. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from and against any and all liabilities, actions, causes of actions, claims, expenses, attorney’s fees, and damages suffered on account of any injury, harm, or loss to me or my property, even injury resulting in death, which have arisen or may arise as a result of my registration for or participation in the Event and any pre- and post- Event activities, including but not limited to any transportation that may be provided or involved in the Event. I further agree not to sue the Released Parties with regard to any matter relating to the Event, including but not limited to all matters within the waivers, releases, and indemnifications set forth herein. The waivers, releases, and indemnifications herein expressly include waiver, release, and indemnification for any negligence, actions, or inactions of any party or person, including the Released Parties’ own negligence. I understand and acknowledge that my participation in the Event involves rigorous physical activity and that it may be hazardous, and that such participation may cause or lead to serious bodily harm, injury, and even death. I hereby expressly assume all known and unknown risks associated with the Event or which may be encountered in relation to the Event or my participation in the Event or any activities preliminary or subsequent to the Event, which known risks may include but are not limited to: injury (including death); accidents; loss of or damage to my property; the effects of weather; road/terrain conditions that may vary widely, including dangerous and adverse road/terrain conditions; traffic; persons and actions by persons; and the possibility that an Event may be postponed, ended early, or cancelled altogether by Event officials. I attest and verify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for participation in the Event and that my physical condition and suitability to participate in the Event has been verified by a licensed medical doctor. I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the Released Parties to use my name and any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of the Event (including of my participation in the Event), for any lawful purpose(s), including but not limited to commercial advertising. I understand that my entry fee for the Event is not refundable. I expressly agree that the waivers, releases, indemnifications, and authorizations herein are intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Texas and that if any portion hereof is held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, it is agreed that the balance hereof shall be severable and separately enforceable and shall continue in full legal force and effect to the greatest extent possible. This agreement contains the entire agreement with me regarding the Event and the terms and conditions hereof are contractual and not mere recital. I certify that I have read this agreement in its entirety and fully understand this agreement, and that by my agreement hereto I have given up substantial rights that I might otherwise have had, and that I agree hereto freely and of my own will. I confirm that all information provided is correct and I agree to all terms and conditions listed above.
I have read, understood, and accept the agreement above. My submission of this form shall act as my legal signature.
By placing my initials in this box, I agree to adhere to Rogue's the refund and transfer policy: Switches between race distances are permitted. Switches to a longer distance will be assessed the price difference between the races, switches to a shorter distance will not receive any refund of race fees. No refunds, no transfers to another Rogue event, no exceptions.
Initials of athlete 18 years of age or older or parent/legal guardian of minor under 18 years of age or legal guardian of incapacitated and/or mentally challenged person.
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