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Rocky Hill Ranch charges a $10 Venue Access & Land Usage Fee. This fee is separate from Tejas Trails Registration Fees.

I understand I’d normally be paying this upon entry, but Tejas Trails is awesome and agreed to take care of this via this online form to help get me into the park quicker on race weekend! Additional guests will still have to pay at the gate.

Camping is available too for a small fee that is payable when you arrive.

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Run with a training group and want to take part in our team challenge? Enter your group name in the box below. It’s free to enter, you just need 7 or more teammates by race day to be eligible. More details at

New to Marathon Kids? They help kids unlock their potential, and adults discover their inner Coach by joining, starting, or supporting a Marathon Kids running club in their home, school, out-of-school time organization or camp.

Marathon Kids work at their own pace to run, or walk, four marathons – 104.8 miles! Marathon Kids provides the training, rewards, tools and resources to keep them moving. They believe every kid deserves to live a happy, healthy life. Please consider making a donation to help young runners enjoy a lifetime of running! Increments of $15 are preferred, please. 100% of your donation goes straight to Marathon Kids. Tejas Trails does not keep a penny of your donation.


WAIVER - 50mi/50km/25km/10km/1mi In consideration of the foregoing, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors and assigns, waive and release any and all rights, claims and courses of action I have or may have against The Hells Hills 50mi/50km/25km/10km/1mi, Chris McWatters, Krissy McWatters, Tejas Trails, Traverse Running, Brad Quinn, Nyla Quinn, Kyle Wilkie, Event Data Solutions, Inc., Rocky Hill Ranch, the State of Texas, their agents, employees, officers, directors, successors and assigns, and any and all sponsors, their representatives and successors, that may arise as a result of my participation in The Hells Hills 50mi/50km/25km/10km/1mi and any pre- and post- event activities. I understand that this event may cause serious bodily harm including broken bones and even death. I attest and verify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for the completion of this event and my physical condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor. I also understand that this is a USA Track and Field Sanctioned event and all USATF rules and regulations govern this event. Further, I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this event for any legitimate purpose including commercial advertising.

By placing my initials in this box, I am affirming that I have read and understand all Tejas Trails policies located at, including the NO RACE REFUND, RACE TRANSFER & WEATHER POLICIES. Furthermore, I understand I may lose money if I become unable to race on the day of the event and I agree that I will not ask Tejas Trails to break any policy for me, or ask for an exception to any of these generous policies. DISPUTED RESULTS POLICY: I understand that in the event that a participant’s results are called into question, it is the responsibility of the participant to provide proof that they did complete the entire race course. Such proof can be a GPS track of their race performance or any other sort of proof as approved by the race director. Failure to provide such proof may result in the disqualification of that participant’s performance from the race results. I agree to hold the race, the race director, the timer, and any and all parties affiliated with the race legally harmless in any such decision. I also agree to hold the race, the race director, the timer, and any and all parties affiliated with the race harmless from any and all impact that the decision has to any and all parties and entities outside of the race. I further agree to abide by the decision of the race director.

Initials of athlete 18 years of age or older or parent/legal guardian of minor under 18 years of age or legal guardian of incapacitated and/or mentally challenged person.

Marathon Kids is on mission to get kids moving. We set up running/walking clubs across the nation with families, in schools, after-school programs and in community organizations/partnerships. We empower adults to be the change agents and help kids reach their full potential. The first 10 years of life really are critical for a kid –– healthy behaviors are learned and learning them early can make all the difference. This generation of kids is the first with a shorter life expectancy than their parents. The diseases that will shorten their lifespan are entirely preventable with proper diet and adequate exercise. Help us reach more kids by donating any dollar amount or sign your family up today to keep moving with the Marathon Kids at Home program. Still have questions? Email

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